Legroom — worth every penny!

Legroom — worth every penny!

If like me, you are over six feet tall, then long haul flights are a right pain — in the legs! In their efforts to squeeze ever more revenue out of flights, airlines have been literally squeezing ever more rows of seats onto their aircraft with the result that the seat pitch (the distance in … Continued

Don’t forget your pills!

I, unfortunately, am of an age and with a genetic predisposition to hypertension so like millions of others like me, I must take prescription tablets for my high blood pressure every day. On a recent multi-centre business trip to the States, I stupidly left all my medication behind me in one of the hotels and … Continued

Turkey is in the news of late — but for all the wrong reasons!

Having said that — don’t always take as gospel, what you hear on the news as everything is ‘spun’ these days. Not from a propaganda point of view you understand. It’s just TV’s way of competing with the sensational headlines mentality that you often see demonstrated by certain tabloid press. Even the ‘serious’ news channels … Continued

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