About Us

About Us

TravelBug is the new online initiative from Travel Centres — Ireland’s largest grouping of independently-owned, licensed and bonded travel agents with outlets located throughout the country. TravelBug aims to provide online shoppers with the best of both worlds: The 24/7 convenience of the Net with the vast accumulated knowledge of dozens of travel consultants who, between them, have already visited many of the countries that you may wish to travel to. And if they haven’t, they certainly know of someone who has so you’re never more than one degree of separation away from such hands-on knowledge. More importantly though, unlike many online web sites, you can be safe in the knowledge that any monies that you pay out for travel products or services are 100% fully insured against loss as every single agent providing you with services via this site is both government licensed and bonded!

So how does TravelBug work? TravelBug is based on a very simple concept that works the way you do in the real world. Ever purchased a new TV, washing machine, car or any other consumer good large or small? Chances are that you shopped around a bit before you purchased, carefully evaluating features and benefits before finally comparing prices. Well that’s essentially what TravelBug does except that instead of the process being carried out across just a few outlets, you are potentially comparison shopping across dozens of full-service professional travel agencies across the country with a wealth of experience and expertise between them.

All you have to do is click on the link below and provide us with some basic information about your proposed travel plans, together with your contact email address. We then submit your travel query for quotes and collate and filter all qualifying responses before forwarding the best/most competitive ones back to you. This filtering process not only preserves your anonymity but also ensures that you don’t get inundated with similar/identical quotes. Only when you’ve selected the best/most relevant quote do we provide both you and the qualifying agency with each others’ contact details so that a booking can be made.

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