Hollywood Glam Gala Inspiration

Hollywood Glam Gala Inspiration

This years Annual Travel Centres Conference gala will have a Hollywood Glam theme. Think old school glamorous! If you have seen the Great Gatsby then you will have a good idea of the style involved. We are talking champagne, bling and oscars.

Hollywood Glam Style Inspiration

We are stepping back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood and we can look to Frank Sinatra, Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe for inspiration.

Ladies, think of vintage designs, big hair, pops of colour and neck scarves. For hair think of retro, sleek waves or curls. This was all the rage. For beauty, red lipstick was a must.


Men, think of Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant and Marlyn Brando. Sleek suits, top hats and smoking pipes were just a few staple style items we saw on the silver screen. And lots of extra shiny gel in the hair please. The male style icons of this time loved the wet look.


If you find yourself stuck for some inspiration try watching The Great Gatsby to get you in the mood.

With Brass & Co as our entertainment we are ready to dance the night away.

Let’s roll out the red carpet and bring on the Paparazzi, we are ready to party into the early hours!


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