Send us your Photos

Send us your Photos

We’re all familiar with the old clichés — ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ and ‘The camera never lies’. Whatever about the truth of the first cliché, it certainly isn’t necessarily true of the latter expression. Telephoto lenses compress perspective and make things appear closer than you think: that beach that you though was a stones’ through away from the beach could actually be a 10-minute walk away. Super-wide angle lenses can make a boxy bedroom appear as big as a suite.

The beauty of enabling users of the site to upload their own photos is so that others can vicariously share your experiences and get a much more honest impression of what somplace actually looks like as opposed to the selective angles or photo-shopped images that sometimes creep into the most august of publications — whether they be tour operator brochures of tourist board web sites.

Share your experiences with us and perhaps we might even discover the next Ansel Adams in the process!

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