The Vegans are coming — live long and prosper!

The Vegans are coming — live long and prosper!

I LOVE my food! I love eating out. I love watching cookery programmes and browsing through cookery books. Indeed, I don’t think there is a world cuisine that I don’t enjoy. A lot of those cuisines are based around the use of meats or fish of some kind and whilst I am a life-long, card-carrying … Continued

How good is your geographic knowledge?

I recently retuned from an enchanting city less than two hours flying time from Dublin which is served by direct flights three times a week by a major international carrier. The city is not large by international standards — being somewhat smaller than Belfast but almost twice that of the Province’s capital when you take … Continued

In praise of the lowly travel agent …

When your mind turns to the question of where you’re going to go on your next holiday, what are your options? In the good old days (that I’m old enough to still remember) the answer was simple. You just visited your local travel agent as he (or more usually she) had access to the information … Continued

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