Who’s Been Where?

Who’s Been Where?

One of the most important and oft-cited reasons for the phenomenal success of various social media sites in recent years has been the value that we place in peer review — we value the opinions of others, particularly others like ourselves.

Because we have become so cynical about the ‘advertisingspeak’ that jumps out at us from every other magazine, travel brochure or tourist information leaflet, we more often than not prefer to hear recommendations from ‘real’ users as opposed to someone who might have a vested interest or hidden agenda in promoting a particular product, service or destination. The comments that follow represent what we like to believe are the unbiased but personal opinions of people who have actually visited the destinations that they’re talking about. These opinions may not always be complimentary but they will always be honest — thus helping you to make more informed decisions as to your future travel choices.


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