11 Reasons Why Travel is Good for You

Travel provides the chance to turn off, relax, find new experiences and make new memories. Often we get caught up in our day to day existence, repeating the same tasks and living in a constant routine. By taking a well deserved holiday we can feel a renewed sense of self and allow ourselves to recharge the batteries.

A study by Cornell University found that people derive more happiness from experiences than material goods. It is easy to see why this is the case. With travel you get to experience something new, learn about a new culture, meet new people and disconnect from the norm.

There is an endless list of reasons why travel is good for you but we have picked out 11 benefits with our expert Travel Agents that will make you want to jump on the next flight out.

1. Clear your head

Maybe you have been sitting at a desk, looking at the same problems for a long time. Maybe you are a little stressed at work with lots of daily tasks taking up all of the space in your brain. Taking a break can do wonders for your mental capacity. Travel allows you to clear your head of clutter and make a fresh start.

2. Get Creative

Travel can be an enjoyable way to boost creativity. If you are suffering from a creative block then travel to somewhere new where you have the opportunity to visit new places, try new foods and understand new cultures.

3. Get Perspective

Sometimes we get so used of our own routine that we forget others may not be as fortunate or may live completely different lives to us. Travel allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of others and appreciate our surroundings.

4. Make new friends

Did you ever have a penpal as a child? Nowadays you can have a new instagram pal. Travel allows us to meet new people and make new friends.

5. Rekindle a romance

Creating long lasting memories from a trip together will give you a bond like no other. Whether you choose a romantic spa break or a couples challenge, you will be reigniting the flame and renewing the intimacy in your relationship.

6. Quality family time

If you are working parents and your children are in school for most of the year it can be difficult to spend enough quality time together. A family holiday is the perfect way to experience new things together and create memories.

7. Make new connections

Business travel is something that most executives will be familiar with and often a key part of developing working relationships. However you can also make valuable connections on your annual sun or ski holiday. Apres Ski is one place you are sure to make some great connections while also having lots of fun.

8. Celebrate an occasion

Giving the gift of travel is one of the best presents that you can give and what better way to celebrate a big birthday or event. From 60th birthdays to 1 year anniversaries, a trip away is a great way to bring people together for an occasion.

9. Lower Stress Levels

A study published in the Winconsin Medical Journal indicates that women who travel more frequently are less likely to become depressed, tired or tense. By taking a break from your busy life you get a chance to relax and reduce the level of stress in your day.

10. Get Vitamin D

Travelling allows us to spend more time outdoors where we can take advantage of the Vitamin D from the beautiful sunshine.

11. Learn about culture and history

Take a healthy holiday in 2020. Contact one of our Travel experts to learn about the healthy travel packages available this year.

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