6 Healthy Holiday Ideas to Recharge in 2020

For the month of January we are celebrating all things health and travel related. There are so many places that we can visit to take a healthy holiday for 2020. We have come up with 6 healthy holiday ideas to get you in the mood.

1. Star Gazing in Portugal

Portugal has become one of the hottest destinations in Europe. With the warm sunny days, the gigantic Atlantic ocean waves and friendly hospitality, Portugal is a must visit location for anyone visiting this side of the world. Enjoy tasting the local dishes and getting to know the famous towns of Lisbon and Porto.
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2. Family Camping Adventure

France is a premier destination for family camping adventures in Europe. They have perfected the art of camping with dedicated camping resorts that are packed with child friendly amenities to make your healthy holiday easy and comfortable. Many of the resorts are all inclusive with access to swimming pools, night-time entertainment and endless delicious French cuisine on offer.
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3. Take a Spa Break in Austria

Renowned as a quiet, relaxing destination Austria is the perfect place for a wellness escape. Take time out to destress and unwind in luxurious hotels.
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4. Revive and Relax in Thailand

Yoga retreats are now one of the most popular activities for people visiting Thailand. The stunning landscapes and tranquility make it the ideal location for a mindful break from your everyday routine.
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5. Embark on a Walking Holiday in Spain

People have been embarking on the Camino de Santigo, crossing Northern Spain, since ancient times. With easy access to Santiago de Compostela now is the time to begin your spiritual journey. Whether you plan to walk it alone or get a group of friends to go along, our agents will help you to get started.
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6. Enjoy a River Cruise in Germany

Cruising the romantic Rhine River is considered to be one of the best holiday activities in Germany. Cologne and Strasbourg, historic castles, stopping for a guided tour of the impressive cathedral in Cologne. Enjoy a sip of wine in Mainz and one of the largest wine markets in Germany. Picturesque towns with unique architecture.
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