8 Ways Travel Can Help to Rekindle Romance

Do you remember the initial excitement of meeting up with your loved one? You can’t keep your hands off each other and everything the other person does seems to be somehow magical. This blissful time may not last forever and that feeling of electricity may fade a little.

Holding hands and tendering reaching out to touch each other are two ways to show your partner that you still care but embarking on a new travel experience together can help to reinvigorate that sense of excitement and bring you both pleasure. We highly recommend a getaway with a loved one as the perfect way to rekindle romance in a relationship.

8 ways you can rekindle romance with travel

1. Turn off to Turn on

Less distractions equals more time to focus on you and your loved one. When we are at home we are constantly interrupted with phone calls, messages, emails and social media. People are aware that taking a digital detox can be beneficial for your everyday life, diminishing anxiety and improving creativity. This is also true for couples who struggle to find time for each other with so many online distractions. Going on holidays gives you both the perfect opportunity to turn off these devices and enjoy living in the moment.

2. Fun in the Sun

There is no better way to rekindle some romance then enjoying some fun time together. Embark on an outdoor adventure, try a new activity, take a cooking class, go snorkling with a guide or get dressed up for a well deserved night on the town.

3. Reconnect with breathing Space

Getting back to nature to enjoy some relaxing time is the perfect way to find balance with a loved one. This could be something as simple as a stroll on the beach or a week long hiking adventure. Any time spent reconnecting with the landscape with your partner beside you will give you a renewed appreciation for life.

“More than seven in ten couples who travel together (71%)
say talking and reconnecting is an important reason to
spend time alone together while on vacation.” US Travel Study

4. Create Memories

At the beginning of any relationship it is all about those long lasting memories, trips to the beach, date nights and special moments. Travel is a perfect way to create new memories together.

5. Time away from the Kids

Family time is always important but it is also acceptable if you need some time away from the kids to rekindle the flames. You want to remember that your husband and wife as well as Mom and Dad. Enjoy going out for meals together, swimming together, having the freedom to pack a picnic and head to the beach at whatever time you choose.

6. Learn something new together

Embarking on a challenge together can help with any communication issues. Travelling teaches us about ourselves, about new cultures and about the history of the places that we visit. Take time to take a local walking tour, visit the top attractions and spend time in the museums.

7. Living in the Moment

Yes you should plan ahead and always use a travel agent to get the expert insights into the places that you plan to visit but when you arrive, allow some freedom to explore your new surroundings. Be flexible and open to new experiences with your loved one. Be curious whenever you have the chance. If you are driving past a vineyard, stop in and meet the team producing the wines.

8. Shared Goals

When you travel you have shared goals; getting to the hotel, going for breakfast in the morning, finding an enjoyable place to eat in the evenings and all aspects of your trip. These shared goals may have been something you had at the beginning of your relationship, if they have faded and you feel like you are going in different directions then embarking on a trip may be just for you.

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