Blogtastic — The rise and rise of the travel blog!

With each year that passes and as more and more people enjoy the delights of international travel, it is inevitable that more and more travel blogs get written. Some blogs — like this one for instance — are an incidental activity to something else that is being done — in my case, running a travel consortium and trying to maximise the level of commerce being generated on behalf of key supplier partners. In many other instances, the blog is the raison d’etre and represents either a lifestyle choice and/or a source of income! That doesn’t mean to say that they are any less valuable or relevant. Ultimately, all blogs are about the sharing of information and as such, will always be subjective to some degree as they tend to be colourised by each individual’s personal preferences, likes and dislikes so that’s why it’s always good to check out more than one source when conducting your travel research in advance of some major overseas adventure. The other reason of course that one needs to consult more than one blog (and for much the same reasons that one tends to consult multiple travel websites) is the fact no one — however well travelled — can have been to everyplace!

I’m reasonably well travelled and have visited some countries (the UK, Spain, the US) probably 40 or more times over the years but my overall count of countries visited around the globe still stands in the low 60’s and there are probably more than 200 sovereign territories around the world so even I have seen just 30% of what the world has to offer! That’s why I’m more than happy to read about other people’s experiences and ride in the slipstream of their first-hand knowledge.

So, who to read? Well the hit parade of top travel blogs changes a bit all the time but the most current listing puts ‘Nomadic Matt’ at the top of the pile. Others in the top 10 include ‘Y Travel Blog’, ‘Pinoy Adverturista’, ‘Nomad Revelations’, ‘Our Awesome Planet’, ‘The Savvy Backpacker’, ‘Expert Vagabond’ and ‘Migrationology’ to mention but a few so check them out!

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