Cappadocia — the undiscovered Turkey!

Turkey is so much more than just sun, sea and sand! Although most Irish holidaymakers tend to see Turkey through the prism of popular resorts such as Bodrum, Kusadasi or Altinkum, this amazing country has so much more to offer — from the mega city that is Istanbul to the surreal landscape that is Cappadocia.

I just recently returned from an action-packed few days in the region and I have to say that it far exceeded my expectations. Turkey in general and Cappadocia in particular boast more antiquities than Greece and spectacular scenery that is literally out of this world. The food ain’t too bad either. Although Turkey is an Islamic Republic, it is largely secular and for all intents and purposes, a modern and vibrant society that sits on the fringes of Europe.

Turkey is currently on a roll. Its national flag carrier Turkish Airlines has recently ordered in the region of 200 new planes and operates more routes to more countries in the world than any other carrier. Think Aer Lingus but on a global scale. The local economy is on fire and the country just recently paid off the last of its loans to the IMF and may even start loaning money to that institution — such is the health of its federal finances. Indeed, Turks are now so confident of their growing economic independence that they may even refuse to become members of the EU, even if it was offered to them. With a population of just over 80 million, Turkey’s star is in the ascendant so my advice is to get yourself over there and experience all the riches that this great country has to offer whilst you can still afford to!

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