Careers in the travel industry

Careers in the travel industry

Careers in Travel IndustryWe spend over a third of our adult lives working so the career path you take can often have a profound impact on your life — not only in pure economic terms but also in terms of general wellbeing, health, fulfilment and personal development. Not everyone can be (or want to be) a doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer, engineer, architect or entrepreneur and so — often as not — many people tend to fall into a particular job or career path quite by accident rather than design. In some cases, the lucky ones find that they actually enjoy their accidental choice but sadly they are more often than not, the exception to the rule!

Life is tough enough without having to make matters worse by choosing a job or profession that you don’t like or even come to hate!

Thankfully, there is an industry where job satisfaction is practically a given; where you get the opportunity to travel the world and where job opportunities are on the increase rather than in decline. The travel industry in Ireland is much larger and more diverse than people realise and covers many different disciplines.

The following is a far from complete listing of positions that are constantly in demand: travel consultants, bookkeepers, sales representatives, tele-sales operatives, marketing assistants, tour operating staff, resort representatives, trainers, supervisors, managers, reservations staff etc.

In a recent survey** conducted within the UK, more than 250 jobs, trades and professions were independently assessed on the basis of their respective ‘job satisfaction’ ratings and the role of travel agent scored a respectable 33. By comparison, other mainstream jobs and professions scored less well: Solicitor (44); Civil Engineer (55); Policeman (74); Teacher (106); Journalist (111); Programmer (117); Estate Agent (154); Web Designer (188); Chef (209); Bricklayer (225); IT Engineer (243) and Plasterer (246).

Since travel is a global industry, the skills you acquire here in Ireland can often be transferable to other countries thus ensuring that you are unlikely to be ever out of work — either home or abroad. If you are a second or third level student contemplating your future and wondering what your next move should be, then upload your c.v. and tell us a little bit about yourself and what unique attributes you believe you can bring to a position within the travel industry.

If you are a career guidance counsellor within one of these institutions and would like some career professional from within the travel industry in Ireland to visit your school and talk to your students about the job opportunities, then email us at




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