Norway Cruise

How to book your first cruise holiday

In case you haven’t heard, cruising is, and has been, the fastest growing trend in travel in recent years and yet despite all the hype and the promotion, less than 2% of Irish travellers have experienced one to date, according to CLIA, the professional trade body that represents all the main cruise lines. There are many reasons for this which broadly fall into three categories, so this article hopes to bring some clarity to the
Travel Agent

Do you know what travel agents do?

Travel agents play a pivotal role in the travel industry and they should always be your first (and probably your last) port of call. it’s not a trick question. Do you know what travel agents do on a day-to-day basis? Do they specialise in all modes of travel or just some? Do they confine themselves to specific geographical areas or do they cover the whole world? Do they focus on group or individual travel? Are

Turkey’s stunning Cappadocia from the air

Adventure Travel isn’t all white-knuckle thrills and low budget backpacking. It’s more about getting off the beaten track and fulfilling some of those lifelong ambitions. When the term ‘Adventure Travel’ is conjured up, what do those words mean to you? If you type in the term in Google, you get the following two definitions: ‘an unusual and exciting or daring experience’ and ‘engage in daring or risky experience’ It’s those two words ‘daring’ and risky’

Iceland – Far from the madding crowd

Our top 10 guide to some of Europe’s best undiscovered gems for your next break away from the tourist hoards One of life’s great conundrums is that popular destinations only become popular in the first place because they have something to offer a lot of different people — whether that ‘something’ be atmosphere, friendliness, cheapness, accessibility, safety, culture or any number of other attributes. Destinations don’t become popular out of the blue or by accident;

Palma de Mallorca, the hidden gem of the Balearics

The first thing they see on approach is the magnificent Cathedral of Santa Maria, commonly known as La Seu, which overlooks the bay and is floodlit at night. Built on the site of a Moorish era mosque, it was completed in 1601 and is most noted for having one of the biggest Gothic rose windows in the world. Gaudi’s hand is evident inside – the architect of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia was involved in renovations during

The art of getting a quote that is both competitive in price and relevant to your needs starts with gathering all the right information about what you want to do (or think you want to do!).