Celebrity Edge — does it live up to the hype?

We live in a world that is increasingly dominated by ‘Fake News’ and where so much hyperbole is propagated about any new product, service or destination that it can sometimes be difficult to separate fact from fiction. The function of any marketing or PR department is to talk up a new product entering the market and when that ‘product’ is a new cruise ship that represents an investment of close to $1Billion, then it is reasonable to assume that the hyperbole machine goes into overdrive!

The problem of course is that one always runs the risk of over-promising and under-delivering and that’s why I was looking forward to experiencing Celebrity Edge up close and personal when I visited Celebrity Cruise lines latest shiny new hardware when she spent two days in Southampton recently, ahead of her summer deployment there. I was particularly looking forward to seeing their ‘game-changing’ magic carpet innovation which is a multi-function platform that rises up and down along the side of the ship and alternatively acts as a bar, restaurant or docking jetty for transfer tenders.

A lot of thought, design and lateral thinking had gone into the building of Celebrity Edge with much of the contributions made by world-class designers such as Kelly Hoppen and engineers not traditionally associated with or having experience of maritime projects and it was fascinating to see the fruits of their respective and collective contributions.  Prior to seeing Celebrity Edge I must confess that I had though the concept behind the ‘Magic Carpet’ to be a bit gimmicky but having seen the facility in the ‘flesh’ as it were, I am a total convert who now ‘gets it!’

The design elements throughout the ship are innovative in both style and function. The colour schemes are on trend with much use being made of a light and contemporary palette of silvers, grays and other soft and muted tones so that the overriding sensation is one of calm and tranquility — exactly the kinds of emotions that one wants to have triggered on a relaxing week-long cruise. As with all other Celebrity ships, the feeling is one of understated elegance and there’s no doubt that the experience that one enjoys throughout the ship from bow to stern is that of five-star luxury throughout. The Spa area is particularly impressive as is the ‘departure’ Lounge on Deck 2 for the aforementioned Magic carpet which has totally reinvented the experience that cruise passengers now get to enjoy when being tendered ashore at ports that don’t have docking facilities.

Celebrity Edge is quite simply superb and for once the reality probably even exceeded the hype that came before it! #CelebrityEdge

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