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Isn’t it amazing how some expressions come to end up meaning exactly the opposite of what they were first meant to express? Take the title of this week’s blog for example. ‘How the other half lives’ was the title of a book written in 1890 by a recent immigrant to the United States, a Jacob Riis who had arrived there from Denmark in 1870. After having worked a wide variety of menial jobs, Riis worked his way up to become a journalist and taught himself photography so that he could document the lives of fellow immigrants who worked under terrible conditions in the tenement buildings of his adopted city. His social treatise came to the notice of the then police commissioner of New York, Theodore Roosevelt with whom he became life-long friends. Indeed Roosevelt, who subsequently went on to become President some years later, described Riis as ‘the best American I ever knew’.

For some inexplicable reason, the title of Riis’s book did a 180 degree turn along the 117-year journey since then so that when the expression is used nowadays, it usually refers to the well-heeled rather than the indigent. And so, in a rather circuitous manner, we come to the subject of this week’s blog.

Most of us are unlikely to ever travel First Class on an aircraft; book into a suite in a top hotel or enjoy chauffeur-driven limousine transfers, but there is an experience that can be had here in Ireland that won’t break the bank and which can provide you with an insight into at least one aspect of how the other half live and that is the experience of the private check-in at Dublin airport.

Not many people know this but Dublin Airport offers all travellers a unique experience that they call Platinum Services which costs from as little as €275 per couple and is a perfect indulgence for people heading off on honeymoon or anyone celebrating a significant milestone in their life.

Here’s what you get for your €275:

  • Private check-in and luggage-handling
  • Private suites kitted out with the latest AV equipment
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Luxury Shower Room
  • Private security screening area
  • Access to private car park area, outside check-in area
  • Chauffeur service to and from your aircraft
  • Personal shopping service on request

24-hour opening, 7 days a week


As you’ve probably realised by now, this is what senior politicians, CEO’s of large corporates and celebrities experience on a day-to-day basis and represents the perfect beginning or end to any holiday and I should know as I had the pleasure of experiencing the service last year and all I can say is that it is worth every penny!

For more information, check out https://www.dublinairport.com/at-the-airport/travel-services/platinum-services


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