Five questions you should ask yourself before you travel in 2020

Technology may well indeed be shrinking the world around us and connecting us in myriad ways through innovations such as Skype, WhatsApp and Instagram but it’s also surprisingly large when you start to consider where you want to travel to next and there are many things to consider; not least of which is cost. Leaving cost aside though for one moment, let’s consider all the other factors that determine where we travel to?


The time of year that you want to travel during will be a big determinant on what options are open to you – whether you’re following the sun or the snow. It will dictate to a large degree which destinations are on (or off) the list due to  practical consideration such as whether or not the temperature is going to be too high (or low); whether or not you need to contend with the monsoons (if you’re heading to the tropics) and whether or not it’s going to be outrageously expensive when you get there (hint: avoid travelling over Christmas, New Year, Easter, October Bank Holiday, or any school holidays or mid-term breaks!)


Of course, where you travel to will also depend quite a lot on what it is you want to do when you get there. If you’re just following the sun, then that is a simple enough decision to make but if you’re looking for culture, gastronomic experiences, architectural wonders or adrenaline-inducing activities, then your decision as regards destination becomes a little bit more complicated with many options available to you that must necessarily be sub-divided even further, based on a combination of accessibility, cost and proximity.


‘What’ sounds like an odd question to ask, particularly in the context of travel but let me explain: We tend to think of many things in a linear manner and travel is no different. Because most travel arrangements consists of the same three components, i.e. flights, accommodation and transfers, there is a tendency to always frame future travel plans in a similar context, leaving other, alternative travel options off the table – cruising being a perfect example.


Seems like an obvious question at first but of course, people are motivated to do things and travel places for entirely different reasons so it’s important that you question your reasons and identify what your true motivation is? Sample reasons are wide and varied and range from ‘time to relax and recharge the batteries’ or ‘change of scenery’ to ‘tick another item off the bucket list’ or even ‘can’t resist a bargain’ or ‘too good to miss’.


Is next year the year that you decide to travel solo? There are plenty of travel companies out there who now cater for solo travellers and where you’re no longer penalised with hefty single room supplements. Do you ditch your regular partner in crime and instead consider travelling with a bunch of mates on a totally different kind of holiday experience? Or perhaps it’s time that you booked that multi-generational holiday or cruise with your children and grandchildren?


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