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In case you haven’t already noticed, we celebrate the centenary of the First World War this year — referred to in its time as ‘The war to end all wars’. Sadly, that turned out not to be true so all the more reason that this generation should never forget the lesson that all war is ultimately futile and not — as Clausewitz once stated — ‘War Is Merely the Continuation of Policy by Other Means’. If you are of a certain age (e.g. 50+), then chances are that you grew up on a diet of war films and war documentaries so would it not be fitting for you and some of your contemporaries to take the opportunity this year to visit some of the more famous (infamous?) battle sites in Europe or further afield — whether they relate to the first world war or the second?

Group Travel International (GTI), based in Donabate in Co. Dublin, operate regular group tours that feature the battlefields of the Somme, Flanders, Normandy in addition to other itineraries that feature the ‘Secrets of the Third Reich’ or ‘Berlin and the Cold War’. The ww1 tours are 3-night affairs that start from as little as €667 per person and are accompanied by professional historians who have extensive knowledge of the roles of various Irish regiments during the most decisive military campaigns. All GTI’s featured tours can be booked through your nearest Travel Centres-affiliated agent at no additional cost.

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