4 Unique Wellness Vacation Ideas for 2020

If you are hoping to stay on a healthy buzz for the year then planning a wellness vacation may be the ideal way to take a break from your routine.


1. Embark on a River Cruise from Budapest

Is there a better way to discover Europe? Maybe not. A river cruise is Europe will allow you to experience the historic cities, visit iconic attractions and enjoy exploring the medieval towns. Unwind at your leisure as you cruise your way from one city to the next. Begin your journey in the beautiful city of Budapest, renowned for its baths and stunning architecture. On a river cruise you will have plenty of time to take in the sites. Most itineraries will include food and beverages on board.


2. Escape on a Yoga Retreat to Bali


Disconnect through mindful meditation and yoga. This is your chance to learn something new and develop your yoga skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, you will love the peace and positive energy provided with a yoga retreat. Embarking on a guided yoga retreat you will meet like minded people and get into the habit of relaxing and turning off.


3. Digital Detox in Italy

These days it is harder and harder to escape the noise from our devices. From the minute you wake up in the morning to the time you close your eyes at night you are surrounded with news, social media and emails. Taking time out, away from these devices is an ideal way to refocus the mind and explore the world around you. Italy is the perfect place to reflect without distractions. Stop to smell the vines, sip the wines and eat the pasta. A digital detox is just what you need to dust off the cobwebs.


4. Get back to Nature in Cambodia

There is plenty of research now available to demonstrate the health benefits of spending time outdoors and closer to nature. If you suffer from insomnia then a walk in the woods is just what you need. Better yet, take a well deserved wellness vacation to the natural green landscapes of Cambodia. Explore the tropical Cardamom Mountains, hike through Kep National Park and enjoy the magical sunsets at Angkor Wat. This part of the world is all about adventure and natural wonders. Enjoy!


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