Can you find romance on holiday?

In the last of our Travel and Love series for the month we ask the question: Can you find romance on holiday? The simple answer if yes. If you are open, relaxed and doing a little flirting than the best romances can happen while you are travelling.

When you are removed from real world problems and your daily routine, romance is ripe for picking. Many people plan to travel to let their hair down and this can make them more liberated. One of the major benefits to travel is that you don’t have to conform to society norms. Maybe you will choose to have a cocktail in the afternoon or go for a midnight swim. You are free to let your hair down and express yourself in a different way.

Some types of romantic holidays that we are familiar with include: the one night stand, flirting only, romantic dates, the big mistake and the love of your life.

No matter what age you are or where you are from, travel can encourage you to try new things and meet new people. It allows us the chance to form meaningful connections with complete strangers.

The excitement of being somewhere new and experiencing new things with new people is thrilling. However you shouldn’t expect a proposal. Simply enjoy getting to know someone new and spending quality time with somebody that has similar interests to you. Who knows, maybe you will meet your next partner on a guided tour or in a museum.

5 Places to find a Holiday Romance

  1. On the Beach
  2. By the Pool
  3. On a local guided tour
  4. Happy hour at the bar (Cocktail O’Clock I hear you say!)
  5. On the dance floor

Tips to Find a Holiday Romance

  • We all know that if you look too hard and want something too much than it never happens so just take your time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to meet someone.
  • Always be safe when talking to or meeting strangers. Using dating apps like Tinder has become the norm for jetsetters around the world today but always tell your friends where you are planning to go if you are heading off on a date.
  • Don’t make romance the focus of your holiday. Enjoy your time abroad without clinging to the idea of a holiday romance. If it happens it will be fun but if it doesn’t have a good time anyway. Don’t forget to fall in love with the place as well as the people in it.
  • Try to think in the short term and don’t aim for a long term love affair.  If you don’t get too attached you can enjoy the moment rather then thinking about the happily ever after.
  • Keep the lines of communication open and get each others details to stay in touch.

Finding romance on holiday isn’t as easy as walking off the plane into your next lovers arms but it can be done and can be a fun way of meeting somebody new when you are abroad. Leave yourself open to opportunities and don’t be afraid of having a discussion with a potential new friend. If you already lucky in love then here are some of the top romantic places to visit in 2020.

For more information on destinations where you may find romance on holiday you can get in touch with one of our travel experts.

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