Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Ever notice how you look forward to travelling abroad but as you get nearer to your eventual return date home, you begin to look forward to that too? I certainly do but then again, I happen to live in what I believe to be the prettiest village in Ireland — Dunmore East, Co. Waterford! Don’t get me wrong; I love travelling and still get a thrill out of the feeling of expectation leading up to a trip, particularly if it’s to a destination that I’ve never been to before and I have a few of them coming up later this year: Florence and Stockholm on which you can be assured that I’ll be writing a blog or two. There’s still something special though about coming home and being able to appreciate the things that differentiate ‘home’ from all the other wonderful destinations that we are privileged to visit during the course of a lifetime. I feel especially blessed though because Dunmore East is one of the relatively few places in Ireland that has remained largely unspoilt. Indeed, I saw a photograph of a particular scene in Dunmore East recently which was taken in the late ‘Seventies’ and it looked exactly as it does today — almost 40 years later!

Of course what’s considered home to us is a foreign destination to everyone else who originates from beyond these shores and there was an occasion about three or four years ago when I happened to receive an invite to do a ship visit on one of Silverseas’ ships which had anchored just off Dunmore East and seeing the village from that perspective aboard one of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships and overhearing the comments of some of the people on board who happened to be sailing the world at the time on that same ship made me realise what a gem this sleepy fishing village really is. What helped enormously of course was the fact that the ship had dropped anchor on one of those rare days when Ireland was experiencing Mediterranean weather. Nonetheless, the view from that ship easily competed with any view from any cruise ship anywhere in the world and I live here!

So, if you happen to be reading this blog from afar, let me assure you that the small fishing village of Dunmore East has a lot to recommend it but try and get here on a sunny day if you can in order to do justice to the place. If not, then just go with the flow and take a leisurely walk from the upper to the lower village and admire the immaculately kept thatched cottages; the small secluded coves, the chocolate box vista of a busy fishing harbour and the unassuming but gastronomically satisfying restaurants such as the Strand or Azurro. And if you don’t believe me, simply go onto YouTube and Google some drone footage of this beautiful little village and it’s friendly locals!

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