A bitter pill to swallow?

I think we all agree that the summer of 2012 is best forgotten as, by all accounts, it has been the worst in living memory as far as sunshine and good weather were concerned. Of course the consequence of all this is that many people who perhaps had previously decided that they would not be holidaying abroad this year subsequently changed their minds — further adding to the pressure on a limited capacity of both seats and packages available out of the country to sunnier climes. Added to that is the fact that many ‘canny’ consumers decided to hold out until the last minute in the expectation that they would pick up distressed inventory at knockdown prices.

None of that has happened. Availability is thin on the ground with the possible exception of Turkey and prices have remained resolutely high for whatever’s left. If you didn’t book your holiday early this year then you’re probably out of luck. If so, what are your options? You’ve two choices really: Either wait until later on in the season (i.e. late September or early/mid October) when prices will be cheaper and therefore more likely to be within range of your budget) or just swallow that bitter pill and accept that there’s going to be no holiday in the sun this year! Our suggestion: book now for 2013 in the reasonably safe knowledge that you’ll be availing of the best possible deals since it appears likely that capacity will continue to be limited for 2013 and as we all know only too well, it is the law of supply and demand that ultimately dictates pricing in the marketplace: too little capacity and prices remain high; over capacity and prices drop — but only closer to the actual date of departure. After two years on the trot of people being disappointed with a lack of ‘deals’ being available for peak season dates, perhaps it’s time to accept that the days of €199 and €299 package have gone — at least for the time being!

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