All travel doesn’t have to be International!

I came into the travel business back in 1975 so I suppose that that makes me a 40-year veteran of the industry at this stage. Over the course of those 40 intervening years I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel all over the world and experience some of the most beautiful places on earth. But do you know what, I wouldn’t trade any of them for the little piece of heaven that I have called home for the past 10 years and which I will probably see out my old age in and that’s the picture postcard fishing village of Dunmore East in Co. Waterford. Located in which is jokingly called the ‘Sunny South East’ of Ireland (that probably means that we get three whole days of sunshine each summer as opposed to the national average of 1.7!), Dunmore East is, by Irish standards, a very English looking village which probably wouldn’t look out of place in Cornwall or Somerset. Each year for roughly 10 weeks spanning June through August, locals like me cede the village to the hordes of yummy mummies and yachting types who decamp here and congest the village with their SUV’s and other tokens of middle class wealth and we don’t get to reclaim it until the kids go back to school in September. But for the remaining nine months of the year we get to keep the place to ourselves and what a wonderful place it is too which probably has the tennis courts with the most amazing and panoramic views in the world, although I will happily stand corrected on that point!

Within the space of a few hundred yards, you can swim from three different beaches or enjoy stunning views over the collection of bays and inlets that pepper the bit of coastline along which the village clings to for approximately a mile. Dunmore East is a working fishing village and was at one point, the second most productive fishing port in Ireland as far as annual catch was concerned. Not surprising therefore to note that the village boasts two good restaurants and a gastro-pub where you can enjoy great seafood to rival anything in most cities. Add to that — cliff walks; an adventure centre where young kids can acquire a range of maritime skills and chocolate-box thatched cottages and you have a community that just shouts ‘chill-out space!’

Located approximately 18 kilometres southeast of the port city of Waterford and two hours from Dublin, Dunmore East is easily accessible to anyone that wants to experience somewhere special without having to travel abroad in order to find it! Dunmore East is the go-to place for families looking for somewhere safe, friendly and which is reasonably affordable.

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