Avoid making the classic mistakes!

Here’s a simple rule of thumb that you should always bear in mind when planning your next trip abroad. If you’re planning to travel using a scheduled airline (even low cost ones such as Ryanair, Easyjet etc.), always book your flights as far in advance of your date of departure as possible as the prices increases the nearer you get to your travel date. The reverse is true when it comes to charter services. The nearer to the date of travel, the cheaper the price — that’s because any unsold seats near to a departure date tend to be sold off at a cheaper price because the tour operator is already contractually committed to pay for them and will therefore always sell them off for whatever they can get. The risk that you take in leaving it nearer to your departure date is that there will be unsold seats still left! Avoid playing this game of travellers’  Russian roulette anywhere near traditionally busy travel dates like Easter, July & August, the October bank holiday weekend and Christmas and New Year. May and September tend to be safe bets most years and also January (in respect of ski packages).

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