Food, glorious food!

One of the great joys of travelling around the world is the food that you get to eat in all those various destinations! Great, that is, if you are an adventurous eater like me. But what if you’re not? Many people are what could be called ‘plain eaters’, of the meat and two veg variety and it can often be a problem trying to find food suitable to their palate when they’re abroad. One place that they needn’t worry about though is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or more specifically, the Traders Hotel — a property within the Shangri-La group of companies which is located in downtown KL and which enjoys unparalleled view of the world-famous Petronas Towers. The Traders hotel is equally famous though for its amazing buffet which features a huge choice of appetizers, starters, soups, main courses, fish dishes, fruits, desserts and chocolate fancies that would shame the best cruise ships afloat!

In fact, the only negative thing that you could say about this hotel is the couple of pounds in weight that you would probably put on if staying more more than a day or two. As coincidence would have it, I also stayed in a sister property in Singapore a few years ago, whilst en route to New Zealand and the food was equally good there too so it is obviously a feature of all these properties and thus a point worth noting for all you foodies and non-foodies alike.

If you believe, like many do, that the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach, then you’ll surely fall in love with the Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur!

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