Foodies Paradise!

There are many reasons why an increasing number of people choose to go cruising. For some, it’s the convenience and civility of being able to experience a couple of destinations (and indeed countries) over the course of a week or two , without having to constantly pack and unpack as one would otherwise have to do if you were doing a coach tour or travelling independently. For others, it’s the safety of numbers or the fact that practically everything is included in your holiday cost once you consider that there’s entertainment, shows, bands, lounge performances etc., on even the smallest cruise ships whereas if you stick to the larger vessels that list grows almost exponentially to include activities such as rock climbing, health clubs, gyms, spas,  flow-riders (surfing), ice skating(!), comedy clubs, lawn croquet(!), glass-blowing and a whole range of other, amazing experiences.

For many though, cruises epitomize just one thing — the food! Along with the 24-hour service that anyone can avail of from the comfort of their cabin (anyone for pizza at 4.00 a.m?); there’s the midnight chocolate buffets; the infinite variety of cuisines that you can even enjoy for breakfast; the freshly baked breads and patisseries each day; the exquisite presentations of almost every course — all accompanied by staff who are so attentive, you almost think that they can read minds! They say that you can easily add seven pounds to your body weight during the course of a 7-day cruise. I think that has got to be a conservative figure once you consider that most cruise ships have up to nine distinct mealtimes throughout any typical 24-hour period once you factor in room service, breakfast in bed, buffet breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, inter-meal snacks and the all-you-can-eat buffets for which all cruise lines are justly famous.

Cruising may not be the healthiest holiday option available to you (although having said that, nobody twists your arm to engage in all that face-stuffing!), but it is one of the most indulgent, enjoyable, relaxing, value-for-money and calorie enhancing experiences around. You’ve got to try it at least once in your life so add it to your bucket list now!

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