May Day, May Day!

OK, we’ve cheated a little — we should have said May Month but that doesn’t really have the same resonance now, does it? What on earth are we on about? It’s just our ham-fisted way of drawing your attention to the fact that during the entire month of May, Royal Caribbean (along with its sister brands of Celebrity and Azamara) will be offering savvy consumers just like you, amazing deals, discounts and free upgrades across a huge range of their cruise product. Yes, these guys do have periodic sales throughout the year but let me assure you that promotions like this are not commonplace. With deals from as low as €299 per person, Royal are offering exceptional value for money and the best part is that — as with all cruises — all your food and entertainment is included!

If you’ve always wanted to take a cruise but were put off because of the price, then this represents an ideal opportunity for you, your friends, family or indeed work colleagues to sample the high life on the high seas and realise what all the buzz is about. We can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!

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