Move out of your comfort zone

The world is a big place. We know that we’re stating the obvious here but it’s worth mentioning if only because we find that most people tend to return to the same places year after year. Nothing wrong with that at all, particularly if those places are ticking all the boxes in terms of cost, convenience, friendliness, value for money, accessibility etc. It’s a shame though that more people don’t push the proverbial boat out a little bit more though from time to time. You never know — you might find yourself discovering an alternative destination or resort that is even better than the one you’ve been limiting yourself to all those years. It’s a bit like saying to a foreign visitor that just because they come to Dublin a few times doesn’t mean that they’ve experienced all that Ireland has to offer, and that’s not taking anything away from the great destination that Dublin is. You know what we mean though. Let’s take the most popular destination out of Ireland — Spain. Many of us have holidayed in all the popular resorts such as Tenerife, Torremolinos, Santa Ponsa, Corralejo etc. How many of us though have been to La Gomera, or Seville, or Segovia? Wonderful cities and islands just crying out to be discovered by Irish travellers and which all have so much to offer. Of course, we’re citing Spain just as an example. The principle equally applies to all other destinations.

Let 2012 be the year that you do something or visit some place just a little bit different.

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