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Business travellers discovered a long time ago that there is a lot to be said for stripping out the little inconveniences that make regular travel such a pain in the proverbial! Let’s face it, the whole travel experience has deteriorated to such an extent in recent years that some people have even stopped taking holidays — such is their aversion to long queues, flight delays and security protocols that wouldn’t seem out of place in a labour camp in North Korea!

The fact of the matter is that things are unlikely to change for the better anytime soon due to a combination of ever higher volumes of people travelling and of course the stringent security procedures that are necessarily in place because of the increasingly dangerous world that we live in. That’s why the subject of this week’s blog is the much under-valued and under promoted Airport Club that is marketed by Dublin Airport Travel Services. The club membership comes in a range of categories, depending on your budgetary constraints and also how often you are likely to utilise the services throughout the course of a calendar year. Membership covers things like Fast Track, airport car parking and use of the executive lounge. It may not seem like a lot but you’d be amazed at how transforming any or all of these facilities make to the overall travel experience that you have when using the airport. I can only speak for myself of course but I have found it to add a ‘civilising’ effect to all my travel now when I use Dublin airport and can highly recommend it to anyone who uses the airport’s facilities a lot. OK, it may not be the type of indulgence that you might pay for yourself but it would be greatly valued as a gift for some significant other — particularly if that significant other was a regular commuter between here and say, the UK! Check out https://www.airportclub.ie/

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