When is the best time to visit Spain or Portugal?

How about now! June is an ideal time of year to visit either country as you get to enjoy the best of all possible worlds. You don’t have to endure the high temperatures of July or August; The beaches, bars or restaurants aren’t as crowded as school is still not out in a number of countries — most notably our neighbours across the Irish Sea — and perhaps best of all, there are still great bargains to be had with the leading tour operators. Prices in-resort aren’t bad either because competition is stiff in order to capture the lesser number of tourists that are in circulation. All in all, it is a perfect time to visit if you have the wherewithal to get away at this time of year.

I mention Spain or Portugal specifically because they are our largest sun destinations out of Ireland but the same rationale can be applied equally to other Mediterranean hotspots such as Italy, Greece, Malta and Turkey so don’t feel in any way limited. And of course when we refer to Spain we are also talking about the Balearics and the Canaries as well — not just the Mainland.

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