You never need travel insurance — until you need travel insurance!

It could happen to you! A mishap that is. You could fall and hurt yourself. You could drop your camera and break it. You could be robbed. You might even have to cancel your holiday due to some unforeseen development. It’s for reasons such as these that people really need to protect themselves against by taking out travel insurance. Surprisingly though, a lot of travellers nowadays still travel abroad without any insurance cover whatsoever and that really is an accident waiting to happen! It’s not even as if we’re talking about big bucks here. Unfortunately though many people still see travel insurance as an optional extra and so choose not to get it for no other reason than they think it will never happen to them — which is true for the most part — until it actually happens to them.

Travel insurance really should be at the top of any travellers’ to do list, and that’s not because travel agents make a few bob out of selling the cover in the first place. trust us, the cost of travel insurance premiums has dropped so much in recent years that the margin to be made on selling them is minuscule. The reason why travel agents harp on about travel insurance so much is that they see the consequences of what happens when things go wrong and the unlucky traveller has not had the foresight to take out a policy offering adequate cover. It’s not a position you want to find yourself in. Trust us!

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