Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario

When people arrive at Toronto International (Pearson) airport, most head straight for the city and, depending on the time of day, how heavy the traffic is and perhaps most importantly — your mode of transport — it can take anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes to get yourself downtown. So consider for a moment then if you will, that if you opt to travel in the opposite direction and head due north, you can find yourself in the idyllic area of Blue Mountain after less than two hours driving. Blue mountain is a family  resort that operates year round and offers accommodation options ranging from three to five stars so there’s something to suit every budget. The resort also boasts the only instance that I’ve come across of late of what could be described as a luge on rails which looks like great fun. The resort is a short (free) shuttle bus ride away from Lake Huron which is for all intents and purposes just like being beside the seaside and the resort also boasts many shops, nightly entertainment, gondola rides (it doubles as a ski resort during the long Ontario winter months) plus a whole lot more. Indeed if you have always wanted to ski but were reticent to do so, Blue mountain could just be the place to start as it is low altitude and the slopes are not too steep so it’s perfect for beginners. The resort caters particularly for children with loads of activities and so is a perfect getaway destination for families. You can check out more about this great resort here.

So, the next time you’re planning on visiting your aunt, uncle, brother, sister or recently emigrated best friend in the general Toronto area, set a side a few days of R&R and go and treat yourself at Blue mountain. You won’t be disappointed!

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