Value for money is more important than getting the cheapest deal.

Now that we are all economically challenged, there is an understandable tendency to look out for the cheapest deals or packages in order to make our scarce euros go further but this is a mistake. Looking out for value-for-money deals is much more important in terms of getting more ‘bang for your buck’ and one of the consistently best sources of value-for-money deals is in cruising. Don’t be put off by outmoded perceptions that cruising is only for the red-rinse brigade! Cruising is the ‘In’ travel product these days and is attracting an increasingly younger market who just love everything that cruising has to offer — the ships themselves, the itineraries, the entertainment, the food, the facilities, the service levels — you get the idea.

Some of the best deals available right now are with MSC Cruises. They are currently running a promotion until the end of April in which they have grouped their pricing across all their ships based on three cabin types — inside, outside and balcony. Prices for some Mediterranean cruises start from as little as €399 and no, that is not a misprint!

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