When is the best time to go on holidays?

This is a question that is often asked of travel agents and the answer obviously depends on where in the world that you’re intending on travelling to but as a general rule of thumb, if you talking about holidaying anywhere in Southern Europe, then May or September are usually the two best months in which to take your holidays and for the following three reasons:

1. The weather tends to be quite pleasant (like a good summers’ day in Ireland) but not too hot — an important consideration, particularly if you’re travelling with small children or infants.

2. Most places (attractions, beaches, restaurants etc.) won’t be inundated with hoards of holidaymakers like yourself so you’ll have room to move and enjoy your resort/destination.

3. Perhaps best of all: you’re much more likely to get a good deal as supply tends to exceed demand during both these months so bargains abound!

Obviously, the reverse would be true if you’re travelling to any place in the southern hemisphere as the seasons are reversed and you also need to factor in when the monsoon season starts/finishes and whether or not certain date ranges represent high season because of religious festivals or other cultural highlights on the calendar. In other words, once you begin to stray outside Europe (and presumably your own comfort zone) you really do need to speak with your local Travel Centres travel agent!

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