There’s ‘free’ … and then there’s ‘FREE’!

The word ‘free’ is one of the most powerful trigger words in the English language. It grabs our attention and forces us to read on further. It is a marketing guru’s tool that many of them use to good effect. We, as consumers, are suckers though and when a lot of the claims of free this and that fail to live up to the hyperbole, we’re left feeling foolish for having been duped — yet again. Once in a while though, something comes along that restores our faith in the world, and the word, and I have a perfect example of such an instance and I would like to share it with you today. Wendy Wu Tours, who have been operating in the Irish market for almost a year now will be promoting a new tour of Vietnam starting tomorrow (November 1st) which will run for the entire month and which includes a short itinerary of a second country (neighbouring Cambodia in this instance) absolutely FREE!

And if for any reason Vietnam or Cambodia doesn’t float your boat (or Ghe Nang as they call it in Vietnam), then you have the choice of enjoying a similar freebee offer when booking a holiday to either China or Japan — both of which include free extensions in Hong Kong, the ‘Manhattan’ of the Far East.

If you’ve never ventured further than Europe or North America, then this would be an ideal opportunity for you to spread your wings a little and get to see one of the most fascinating and culture-rich parts of the world where the people are friendly, the ‘product’ on the ground of a high standard and the food amazing. The shopping ain’t bad either I can assure you,  although not as cheap as it used to be years ago. Wendy Wu Tours are the acknowledged experts on this part of the world so check them out and ask for details of this great offer or any of the other itineraries featured in their latest brochure by contacting your nearest Travel Centres-affiliated travel agent!

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